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Why Express Inventories?

Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Regulations in 2007 all deposits are protected, in law, by one of a number of government approved schemes, all of which provide an arbitration service. The burden of proof, however, is on the letting agent or landlord to prove any losses. This is where a well written, independent inventory is vital.

A report prepared by yourself or your letting agent is automatically biased. Equally, a poorly prepared inventory will not be viewed as acceptable to an adjudicator if it doesn't provide clear and unequivocal proof as to the condition of the property before and after the tenancy. The inventory must be robust and defensible if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the facts.


No-one willingly lets a property to a tenant who won't look after it, and with all the references in the world, you cannot guarantee a tenant won't cause damage either accidentally or intentionally.

Express Inventories Ltd know the detailed guidance provided by adjudicators as to what constitutes a good inventory report and what doesn't. All our reports are written in the knowledge that they may end up in front of an adjudicator and we believe firmly that this is the best way to ensure the documents are accurate and detailed enough to protect both landlord and tenant.

Even if a property is unfurnished there is a need for a comprehensive and detailed inventory as often damage occurs to fixtures and fittings, carpets, curtains and outside areas.

Inventories cost, typically, around 10% of a months' rent for a property but could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

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